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The Assassination of Daniel Pearl:  Islam hates “The Other”

Contrary to ill-informed media comment imbued with liberal assumptions, the kidnapping and decapitation of US journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan was not an act of ‘senseless or irrational violence’; he was targeted for assassination by terrorists. His death was not

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LAKEMBA’S SHEIK HILALY: Australia’s anti-semitic multicultural Mufti with many masks

      An abandoned campsite at Captains Flat near Canberra, has become the centre of an ASIO investigation into terrorist cells in Australia.   Spent shells found at the suspected terrorist training camp.  On 27 September 2001, a combined

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Muslim fundamentalism: the false comfort of illusions

      The United States is not at war with Islam; Bin Laden is not representative of Islam; Bin Laden is an extreme form of Islam; Islam is a tolerant peaceful religion; most Muslims are opposed to Bin Laden;

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Psycho-linguistic warfare and Terrorism: the use of ‘BUT’

    First year students of symbolic logic are introduced to the propositional connectives and, if, or, but then. Recent ‘debates’ and controversy concerning the terrorist attacks on the United States have highlighted “But”. ‘Debate’ and ‘discussions’ critical of the

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