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Iran’s nuclear deception: taqiyya and kitman

by Andrew Campbell A look at Tehran’s artful use of taqiyya (religiously-sanctioned deception, or “holy lying”) and kitman (secrecy) in its negotiations with the West over nuclear weaponry.

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‘Taqiyya’ and the global war against terrorism

by Andrew Campbell The Islamic techniques of taqiyya – holy deception for the purpose of waging jihad – have enabled Islamic terrorists to embed themselves in Islamic communities in Western countries and live with “natural cover” to avoid detection by

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‘Taqiyya’: how Islamic extremists deceive the West

by Andrew Campbell Taqiyya is a traditional Islamic technique of holy deception used by Muslim extremists to conceal their “true” beliefs and to maintain operation security for their jihad/terrorist missions, writes Andrew Campbell.

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The Assassination of Daniel Pearl:  Islam hates “The Other”

Contrary to ill-informed media comment imbued with liberal assumptions, the kidnapping and decapitation of US journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan was not an act of ‘senseless or irrational violence’; he was targeted for assassination by terrorists. His death was not

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