Australia has never had, and does not have a serious dedicated and professional counter intelligence (CI) capability.  A country without a CI capability, cannot be regarded as a serious player in regional and international affairs or a reliable alliance member.

CI-CE-CT Objectives:

Priority 1: To stress the centrality of CI to Australian and international national security

Priority 2: To assess and propose counter measures to acts of foreign interference (covert and overt)

Priority 3: To assess organizational and institutional vulnerability to such attacks above.

Operational Assumptions 

CI (Counter Intelligence) is a matrix of measures, which if devalued, derided or neglected, render core values and institutions vulnerable to destabilization, subversion and terrorism (psychological threat and acts of terrorism).

CE (Counter Espionage) and CT (Counter Terrorism) rely on CI for protection against penetration and attack from hostile intelligence services and terrorist or other organizations.

Defensive and aggressive CI may, in the context of real or manipulated circumstances, be essential for national survival. 

CI-CE-CT, a non-profit, educational site, will be dedicated to understanding and increasing capability to countering traditional, contemporary and emerging, CI CE Ct threats. You are invited to contribute to the expansion of this mission.

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