Lakemba’s terrorist connections: The ‘axis of evil’ in Australia

‘To wage jihad in the path of Allah is the apex of Islam. It will remain lawful until the establishment of the Hour.

The Muslim sects [ahl al-Qiblah] which stand outside the fold of the Sunnah are all threatened with destruction in this world and punishment in the hereafter.

Ahl as Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah are the ‘Saved Sect’ in the hereafter and the ‘Victorious Group in this world’.

Source: ‘A summary of the Fundamentals of the Creed of the Ah al Sunnah wa al Jama’h’ Dr Nasir bin Abdul Karim al Aql

‘Jihad is an act of worship, it is one of the supreme forms of devotion to Allah…Jihad is necessary not only for the spread of Islam , but in the way that Allah selects the best and purest of heart among humanity’ ….They say that Jihad is only for defence. This lie must be exposed….

Source:Jihad for Allah’s Sake Muhammad Saeed Al Qahtani

‘Today we say to America and its Allies-You are not the first to have fought Islam. Actually there are many before you. However, what was the result? Allah destroyed everyone that stood against the path of Islam…’

For over a decade, Lakemba and nearby suburbs of North West Sydney, New South Wales has been the axis of evil in Australia. The attempted control of the management of Sheikh Hilaly’s Lakemba mosque and the shadowy purchase of a new mosque in Belmore by the Lakemba-based Islamic salaffist fundamentalist jihad organization Ahl al –Suunah wa al-Jama’ah lead by Sheikh Omran (Melbourne) and Sheikh Zoud (Sydney) is of more than local interest as its leadership has personal friendship, doctrinal, financial and organizational affiliations with identified global terrorists in Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network.

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Lakemba, Australia: A great place for transnational terrorists

Australia is a great place if you are a transnational terrorist. Terrorist Willie Brigitte was well briefed. He had been told by his shadowy controllers in Pakistan to travel to Australia, as LET/Al Qaeda strategists had correctly assessed, Australia as a soft target.

On arriving in Sydney, New South Wales, Brigitte naturally headed for Lakemba New South Wales. His brothers were waiting for him. They too had been well briefed. The plan was in place. A bride, marriage, accommodation, an Iman, and spectacular targets.

Lakemba –a terrorist’s playground. Reportedly Bilal Khazal an Islamic fundamentalist described by CIA as Bin Laden’s ‘man on the ground in Australia’ strolls each day to his coffee shop. He also enjoys cleaning his old Ford parked in the driveway of his modest Lakemba home.

Khazal has been raided several times by ASIO and Australian Federal police, and his passport was cancelled January 2002.

He and his brother are subject to arrest warrants in Lebanon for allegedly sending funds for a terrorist attack in Beirut in April 2003.

He has been publicly identified in the media by senior Government officials as a ‘person of interest’ and ASIO surveillance target. Whatever that means!

But Jonathan Shanzer, of Washington’s Institute for Near East Policy (ABC Radio interview) 23 December 2003 does not get it. He is puzzled:

‘Canberra should approach the US to include Bilal Khazal on the same designated terrorist list as Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants. …Khazal seems to have many, many links to terrorist organizations.’

If you start to put it together…it becomes very, very clear, that this is a man, who at least on the surface appears to have significant ties to Al Qaeda and that should be a major concern to the international community.

Listing Khazal as a specially designated terrorist would be a good start to thoroughly investigating his terrorist links….If they want to launch a more significant investigation into him and into his cohorts; this would essentially allow US law enforcement to do so.’

A designated terrorist? In Australia? What a discriminatory concept! How risky!

Shanzer does not understand the depth, subtlety and commitment of Australian CT policy, in which high value terrorist suspects are free to walk the streets,

Flash to November 2 2003. After outlining the charges and criticism of Khazal, Sydney Morning Herald reporters noted:

‘Despite these serious allegations being made against Mr. Khazal, he has remained a free man, keeping busy with regular house guests and trips to his local prayer hall.

Despite an ongoing presence in the media headlines, he was observed last week nonchalantly hanging over his front wall, chatting with a friend as though he hadn’t a care in the world’.

On February 2004, a Sydney media report noted: ‘A week after a Pakistani-born man was named publicly as a terrorist suspect he is free to walk the streets of Sydney.’

Four month previously his house had been raided.

Pakistani born Abu Hamza recently featured prominently in the French investigation onto the Brigitte terrorist operation in Australia. In February 2004 he was featured in an ABC TV program which filmed him as he walked round Lakemba. In April he reportedly cancelled his phone service and has moved house several times. His passport has been confiscated but he cannot be detained as he has not broken an Australian law.

Even if legislation is eventually passed, there are no guarantees that it will be used…

Sheik El Hilaly, the Mufti of Australia and Australia’s most prominent Islamic leader, recently provided Bilal Khazal (Yes – he was a former student of Sheik Hilaly) a security clearance :  

‘There is nothing to be alarmed about. He [Khazal] is not a terrorist. If he was, why hasn’t he been arrested?’

Good question Sheikh and who better qualified to ask? Australia is a great place if you are a trans-national terrorist.

Sydney’s Sheikh Feiz and his students

Last week Mr. Howard, the Australian Prime Minister, told parliament that new intelligence reports had recently surfaced, showing that al-Qaeda had actively been seeking targets in Australia in 2000 and 2001 long before the 11 September attacks on the United States.

The story so far. Sheikh Mohammad Omran stares confidently at the camera. He looks so…scholarly! So…sensitive! A twinkle in one eye. Glasses. White cap. A pen placed strategically in his top pocket. His four fingers lightly touch the divided pages of the Book of God, the Holy Koran. The Holy book as a media artifact for impressions management? How….gesselschaft! A joker? Or a jester? Or a trickster? His smile would send a student of semiotics into a spin – what is he thinking?

Sheik Omran was featured in a sensational story in The Weekend Australian, October 18-19 2003 – if true! He revealed he had prevented a terrorist attack against Australia through his ‘friends’ the Ayub Terrorist twins and West Australian, Jack Roche. Although there was a slight problem with collateral…

The Sheikh’s media blitz included his providing glowing character references and security clearances for his many friends, students and teachers identified by Australian and overseas intelligence organizations as regional global terrorists- all denied by the Sheikh, emir of the Salafi Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaal Association of Melbourne; the fundamentalist’s fundamentalist.

The article concludes, ‘Is the Sheik joking? Only he knows’.

BBC News 5 June 2003

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ASIO management and Willie Virgil Brigitte’s dark terrorist network in Australia

Early May 2003 – the French Consulate, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Non! Willie Brigitte was becoming agitated. We will not accept it monsieur! The consular officials examine the photograph: thick bushy beard and hair, dark sunglasses and a traditional Muslim cap. And there was Brigitte standing there! Trimmed beard, trimmed hair no sunglasses and no cap. Why did he want a new passport? To erase records of his travels?

Non. He would not get a full passport. A three month temporary passport. You must return to France before it expires. And now we must lunch mes amis.

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