Year: 2004

Lakemba’s terrorist connections: The ‘axis of evil’ in Australia

‘To wage jihad in the path of Allah is the apex of Islam. It will remain lawful until the establishment of the Hour. The Muslim sects [ahl al-Qiblah] which stand outside the fold of the Sunnah are all threatened with

Lakemba, Australia: A great place for transnational terrorists

Australia is a great place if you are a transnational terrorist. Terrorist Willie Brigitte was well briefed. He had been told by his shadowy controllers in Pakistan to travel to Australia, as LET/Al Qaeda strategists had correctly assessed, Australia as

Sydney’s Sheikh Feiz and his students

Last week Mr. Howard, the Australian Prime Minister, told parliament that new intelligence reports had recently surfaced, showing that al-Qaeda had actively been seeking targets in Australia in 2000 and 2001 long before the 11 September attacks on the United