Year: 2003

ASIO management and Willie Virgil Brigitte’s dark terrorist network in Australia

Early May 2003 – the French Consulate, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Non! Willie Brigitte was becoming agitated. We will not accept it monsieur! The consular officials examine the photograph: thick bushy beard and hair, dark sunglasses and a traditional

Australia’s Islamic fundamentalist Sheikh Mohamed Omran’s Mystery Train

Can ASIO ride it with Sheikh Omran? September 2003. Melbourne Australia. Sheikh Mohamed Omran aka Abu Rayman Emir and Secretary–General of the Wahabi-Salaffi fundamentalist Islamic organization known as Ahl as Sunnah wal Jamah (The People of the Group), was in

Al Qaeda and Islamic rules on espionage

“Since Islam is superior to all human conditions and earthly religions, it permits spying for itself but not for others”. Source: Al Qaeda Manual Eleventh Lesson: ‘Espionage.’ UK BM/75. Islam has a long history of espionage as it is an