The primary purpose of CI-CE-CT is to warn of the multifaceted nature of threats to the Western world and the United States of America in particular.

Attacks on the United States are consistent with Bin Laden’s declaration of war against the West and the United Sates of America over the past decade. We cannot claim that we have not had sufficient warning. We have. (see http://www.islam.org.au)

The war against intelligence organizations is conducted from within by “civil libertarians”, anti US groups, self appointed experts, and radicalized lawyers. They seek to neutralize intelligence organizations. This war must stop.
The former patron state, the Soviet Union , no longer provides the impetus for necessary funds or sources of inspiration. Over the next weeks we will hear the voices of “moderation”, urging legal restraint and caution. These voices have greatly contributed to the climate which has sustained the recent terrorist attacks by relentless criticism of intelligence organizations and the passing of neutralizing legislation.

Their dominant message has been: Western societies are not worthy of defence. The concept of “national security” and “patriotism” are constantly derided as “social constructs”, however, they are necessary constructs, which US citizens are now affirming.

Western societies with their emphasis on pluralistic tolerance are being subverted by those who despise and wish to destroy those values and institutions. We have pushed the boundaries of tolerance. This must stop. We must reinstate boundaries.

The proliferation of Diasporas in Western target countries, their divided loyalties, and their personal and organizational links to clandestine foreign intelligence originations and their derivation from conspiracy infused cultures, poses an unparalleled internal and global security threat.

CI-CE-CT provides a new range of articles and related web links. These sites are consistent with the concern to defend and protect Western and US interests which is increasingly under sustained terrorist attack as part of a clash of civilizations. This is not a website for the vacillating, the cautious or those obsessed with “restraint”, “moderations” and ”caution” and the other reactive pseudo concepts which have largely created the benign operational environment for terrorism.

CI-CE-CT does not offer comfort. It offers a unique perspective on a unique threat.